The Innovation in The Transportation Industry You Must Know

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The Transportation industry in Nigeria is one that has come to stay and will never go no matter the nature of the economy. This industry happens to be the richest industry in Nigeria after oil and gas presently and those who tap into any of it’s sector must smile in one way or the other.

There so many areas to gain in the transportation sector, these areas includes

  • sales
  • services and repairs
  • spare-parts
  • driver/rider/transporter

Whichever area you find yourself above, you’re save and good to make any amount of money as you wish depending on your approach to changes in the global market and your customers.

Today, the transportation business is one that the Igbo man doesn’t joke with. why ? Because whether one likes it or not, we must move from one place to another either for business, vacations or for visit.

It is hardly you see a man who will travel by foot from Lagos to Ghana or Lagos to Ibadan, and because of the distance and some other challenges that comes from travelling long distance by foot, hence the need for a faster means of transportation.

There are areas in which the transportation industry works which includes :

  • It is either it is transporting human beings
  • or it is transporting goods

From the above discussed, it is very important for us also to understand the various means of transportation in Nigeria and the world at large as named below :

  • Land transportation
  • Water/Sea transportation
  • Air transportation
  • Rail transportation

The Innovation in The Transportation Industry You Must Know

What are this innovation in the transportation company? many years ago, people moved from one place to another by animals such as Horse, carmel etc as time went on, the automobile was created to replace that old ways or means of moving people and goods from one place to another.

Today bigger innovation is also going on with the introductions of artificial intelligence to take over the operations of this vehicles instead of drivers.

This innovations, when it comes it will take away jobs from people and make the rich richer and the poor poorer and that is why one needs to get ready for the future no matter the challenges.


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Other Innovations

The other innovations includes the use of mobile apps to make movement easy. with the introduction of mobile app, one can stay in his house, book for a taxi and the taxi will come take the person to his destination without the person having to come and lineup at the bus park in search for his turn.

Currently, there are other innovations which are on the way and I believe by the end of this year, so many things will change on how we transport our goods and services in and around the country or outside of the country.

For the Logistics company, there are also some innovations too, one can also stay in his house and through some app order for goods and they get it delivered to their home at little cost compared to when they decides to take a taxi or public transport to buy and transport the goods to their houses.

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