3 Easy Ways To Travel Outside Nigeria Without Spending On Agent

3 Easy Ways To Travel Outside Nigeria Without Spending On Agent
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Traveling outside Nigeria this days has become a war as many countries are trying to limit the number of entry of immigrates in a particular season or period but notwithstanding, another challenge travelers encounter again is the means or process they tend to follow.

Majority of travelers in Nigeria makes use of agents who charge them at a very costly price to deliver a job that is not always 100% and this is because, this majority believes that it is only the agent that can get him or her visa to travel to any country of his.

But that believe is not true and it is due to ones ignorance to believe that it is only an agent who can help one get visa.

The importance of agents is to help individual carryout some difficult tasks for some people whose condition can not allow them to follow those process.

So below we will explain 3 Easy Ways To Travel Outside Nigeria Without Spending On Agent

First and foremost, anybody who desires to travel outside the country will need an international passport which will serve as a means of identification of individuals whenever they travel outside the country.

Getting an international passport is very easy, all one needs is to go to any immigration office in his or her state and apply there or one can also apply online. But with my experience using the Nigerian immigration services, I will always encourage one to go direct to their office, meet an officer who will help him or her to get the whole process done.

Then when the International Passport is ready, the next question is to ask yourself which country do you want to go?

if you can get an answer to this, the next thing you will do is to search on Google, about the particular country’s immigration requirements.

so if you’re able to do this things, then you have solved your problem half.

The next thing is to see if those requirements are this you can get easily and how you can do that.

So haven done as discussed above, below are 3 Easy Ways To Travel Outside Nigeria Without Spending On Agent


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  • Study Visa: 

To get a study visa is very easy and the most safer means to travel out. all one need to know is to search for schools in that particular country that is allowing international students to apply. then you try and fulfill all their requirements and use their invitation letter to apply for visa and you will get it without stress.

  • Conference /Training opportunities :

This is also another way to travel out of the country without spending much, all you need to do is to check available conferences, apply for the conference, make payment for the conference and the organizer will send you an invitation which you will use to go to the embassy and you will get visa.

  • Invitation Letter From Friends:

This is also another way to travel to any country of your choice, in this way you can check if you have friends or relatives over there who will be happy to invite you over but if not, all you have to do is to look for an opposite sex who is single and resides in that country and start an online date. after a period of 3 months of serious date, you can ask the person to send you invitations to come over there to stay with him or her.


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