Can Gokada, Max and O’ride save Nigerians from traffic problem?

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The introduction of corporate bikes such as Gokada, Max and O’ride which has helped a lot of Nigerians living in Lagos to beat holdups and traffics has been a very great development to Lagosians who wakeup everyday to go their far distance businesses.

When Gokada and Max started  fully in 2018, they had limited areas of coverage which is due to low publicity that resulted in low patronage and today July 2019, we have seen the rise of a new competitor in the market called O’ride owned by the popular browser called Opera mini.

This year 2019, has seen a tremendous increase on the usage of this platforms by Nigerians who use them  to move to any part of the state (Lagos). The use of this platform has really favoured this platforms due to the fact their they can ply on the high, reason be it that their bikes are 200cc and above which is the major requirements by Lagos state.

In the years pass, the Government of Lagos state banned the use of Motorcycles whose engine capacity are not upto 200cc to ply major roads thereby limiting the use of the popular bikes such as Bajaj, Tvs, Honda etc whose engine capacity are below 200c to ply on the high.

With this business has become serious for this new corporate brands and has also given rise to competitors to come and find a place for themselves.

With the introduction of O’ride and their new package, which has it that any part of Lagos one moves using their bikes, one is to pay between a hundred to two hundred naira.

I see this initiative as a ploy to take business from Gokada, Max and their likes by gaining more customers.

The truth is that whether any of the brands is doing promo or nothing, their presence has helped a quite number of Lagosians to go to their different locations without any delay on the road due to traffic or bad road.

With their introduction business has become good and when we look at this present political dispensation, it could be recalled that when the new Government took over in 2015, so many companies folded up and many Nigerians were discharged of their jobs thereby creating a big number of jobless people.

But today, Nigerians have  learnt to survive and bring out their creativity to work.


Can Gokada, Max and O’ride save Nigerians from traffic problem?

My answer to this question is yes and we have got so many testimonies in town of people who have used this brands to beat holdups and traffic problem.

Another introduction inline is what I call mobile mechanics. This are also platforms which have also evolved to solve problems of this brands breaking down on the road, by responding to them and giving them a solution at their comforts. Among this new evolving brands are the kekehub and bmech.

Kekehub majorly helps corporate organisations who make use of the popular tricycles called keke or Maruwa to service, repair and maintain their vehicles whenever and wherever they brake down by giving them quick response at their comfort and satisfactions.

We also have Bmech which also majors mainly on both the keke or maeuwa and all this corporate bikes by providing solutions to their brands. They repair, maintain and also help to source for spare-parts for this bikes or and keke from brands at the comfort of the riders.


with the introductions of this Keke and Okada brands to make things easy for the average Nigerians, Kekehub and Bmech are also there to make sure this brands doesn’t brake down or even if they brake down, they will provide the fastes and quickest response to them so that they will not be off road.

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