Service on-demand delivery gaining more leads in the Logistics sector

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Thanks to the men who founded the internet and the web for the job they have done as it can been seen that their effort was never in vain. With their inventions and so many years of upgrading has made life so easy and comfortable for the ordinary man who makes use of this internet and the web to run their businesses.


The advent of the 21st century has seen a tremendous increase of the use of the web to get relevant informations and at the same time has see businesses grow from nothing to great success.

Today, in the world, especially Nigeria, the web has helped people to interact, do business and connect as can be seen in the wide use of the social media.

Days are gone when one will travel long distances to look for customers and do businesses. Now one can seat at home, do business and get his money while in his bedroom.

In the transportation and Logistics sectors, we can see the introduction of Uber, Taxify, Cabtaxi, Gokada, O’ride, Max etc whose technology and platform has also helped the average man to get the services of this taxi companies right in their comfort without having to go to the bus stop to wait for queue before they can get to their destinations.

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The Logistics sector is also not left out as so many logistics companies have also integrated this technology to their platform thereby enabling individuals, business or corporate bodies to send goods and services right from their door step without going to the company to send goods to their loved ones or business partners.

Recently in the Logistics company, a new company called kwik recently lauched their own service delivery on demand. The platform helps individuals who wishes to send goods in and around Lagos to either download their apps and request for services and a dispatcher rider will come to their door step, collect the package and deliver it to its locations, giving both the sender and receiver to track their goods and the good thing about this service is that one tends to send and get it delivered in less than 2 hrs time frame.

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